There is something wonderful about discovering something great that you didn't know existed.  Cobb Mountain is that place.  Located just one hour north of Santa Rosa in south Lake County lies the quaint small town of Cobb nestled at the base of the statuesque Cobb Mountain.  Due to it's small size, it remains a secret to many who are not familiar with the area, but is remembered by all who have ventured to this Tahoe-like setting.  Most who visit here are taken back by the beauty of the forested community that they were surprised to know existed in Lake County even though it is reported to be in the top 10 of Northern California for it's beauty & cleanliness.  No doubt this is a direct reflection of those who are proud to call this their home.  Because of it's majestic pines and other conifer trees one feels and smells a difference in the air that hearkens you back to camping experiences that always seem to stimulate every facet of your senses.

Originally settled in 1853 the Cobb Mountain area has a long history involving the visitation of those vacationing from the bay area, as well as many neighboring communities.  Due to many of the hot springs in the area, many resorts dotted the landscape offering mineral baths and other therapeutic experiences as well as cabins to rent for vacations.  Some of the resorts are no longer operational due to the popularity of recent day theme parks, etc..., however for those seeking to escape the crowds, it still holds the magic it once did.  Cobb is home to Boggs Mountain State Forest which is a favorite for mountain bikers and hikers due to it's many trails.  In addition, there are many campsites with picnic tables surrounded by native vegetation.  For those who like to treasure hunt, there are Lake County Diamonds (crystals) scattered everywhere throughout the region.  All one has to do is start gently brushing the native soil aside and before long you will be the proud owner of one of those diamonds.

The community of Cobb is spread throughout the mountain area, so as a result it is just commonly referred to as Cobb Mountain.  The elevations of the community range anywhere from 2600 ft. to 4000 ft.  Consequently it is not uncommon to get the seasonal decoration of snow which turns the surrounding area into a winter wonderland with flocked trees and kids taking a snow day to frolic.  It is truly a place to enjoy the outdoors with fresh air, astonishingly blue skies, and many nearby activities.  In under a half hour you can be at Clear Lake, California's largest fresh water lake, and home to one of the best fishing lakes in the state.  Boating, water skiing, and sailing are also on the menu if you wish to partake. 
Despite it's relatively small size, Cobb has two beautiful 9 hole golf courses which makes it a perfect getaway for those who are disturbed by the thought of a golf ball at rest.  With the surrounding forest scenery and pleasant weather, even the mental bruises of a less than satisfactory score are softened by the memorable experience of just being in a pristine location and leaving the business of life behind.
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